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Herbert Automotive® offers various types of Tune-Ups. Ask your Center Manager for Details Today!

Modern Day Tune-Ups May Include a Combination of These Parts/Services:

• Spark Plugs
• Air Filter
• Fuel Filter
• PCV Valves
• Ignition Coils & Wires
• Map Sensors
• Temperature Sensors
• Oxygen Sensors
• Computer Control Module
• Fuel Injectors
• Distributor Caps/Rotors (if applicable)

Transmission Filter Service

• Remove transmission pan
• Replace or service transmission filter where applicable and replace pan gasket
• Replace old fluid with new fluid in the transmission pan only (up to 5 quarts)

*CVT lubricants extra

Transmission Fluid Exchange

• Remove and replace most old fluid with new fluid throughout the complete transmission system components (up to 14 quarts)

*CVT lubricants extra

Cooling System Fluid Exchange

• Flush, clean, and fill radiator with proper mixture of new coolant/antifreeze fluid (up to 14 quarts)
• Inspect and pressure test radiator cap
• Inspect belts and hoses for wear and deterioration
• Inspect cooling system components

OEM coolant extra.

Gear Box Service

• Drain fluid and replace with quality lubricant (up to 3 Quarts Gear Oil)
• Inspect gear box

Synthetic lubricants extra.

Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning Service includes:

• Air Conditioning Check
• Up to 3lbs of R134

Brake Service Package


• Complete brake inspection
• Replace brake pads and/or shoes
• Recondition drums and/or rotors (machined or sanded - where manufacture specifications allow)
• Lubricate caliper slides or backing plates
• Fill brake reservoir with proper brake fluid

There may be substantial extra cost for parts and labor.

Fuel System Cleaning Service

• Inject cleaning solution to remove varnish and carbon deposits from fuel injectors, combustion surfaces, intake and port areas
• Cleaning by using safe, yet powerful detergents and solvents and while vehicle's engine runs at idle
• Cleaning entire fuel system, combustion surfaces, intake and port areas, and injectors of harmful gum, varnish and carbon deposits which clog efficient fuel flow
• Cleaning catalytic converter which helps lower emissions

Power Steering System Fluid Exchange

• Inspect hoses and connections
• Replace old fluid with new fluid and conditioners

30K, 60K, 90K, Miles Service

• 17 Point Oil Change with Conventional Oil
• Rotate Tires
• Visual Inspection of:
  - All Belts and Hoses
  - Brakes**
  - Emission Controls
  - Exhaust System
  - Power Steering System*
  - Cabin Air Filter*
• Tune-Up and Replace:
  - Spark Plugs (platinum and iridium plugs extra)
  - Distributor Cap*
  - Distributor Rotor*
  - PCV*
• Fuel System Cleaning Service*
• Replace:
  - Air Filter
  - Fuel Filter
  - Breather*
  - Differential Fluid* (up to 5 pints)
  - Transmission Fluid (up to 14 quarts)
  - Coolant/Antifreeze (up to 14 quarts; OEM coolant extra)

Your manufacturer may recommend additional services that can be performed at your request for an extra charge, which may be substantial.

* Where applicable
** Available at most locations

Automotive Services

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